Angelica – Chapter 23

Immoral Papa

Gondou: “What do you need for me I wonder. Even bringing a beauty with you, are you planning to show off?”

I visited Gondou’s office again, and it seems that the bloodstains from last time are mostly cleaned.
Perhaps they do have some people who specializes in the cleaning of such stains.
Though I don’t want to know, and I don’t need to know.

Keisuke: “You’re using a different tone than yesterday aren’t you? So you can properly use polite words now?”

Gondou didn’t respond to my inquiry.
He simply grinned while lying back on his sofa.


After what I did, I held Angelica and cast concealment magic on us and flied to this office.
We entered the building and right now we’re standing in front of Gondou.
It shouldn’t have been alright to let Angelica enter a place like this that looks like a garbage dump.
But I need Gondou to grasp who Angelica is.
Also—if Angelica saw me intimidating Gondou, she might come to hate me.
She’ll be disappointed and give up on me, and she’ll look for another man.
If I can do that, then I’ll be a good father.
That’s why I decided to bring Angelica with me rather than just showing Gondou her picture.

Keisuke: “You’re just my dog, you remember that? No weapons nor arms of yours could scratch me.”
Gondou: “…I look weak when you say that. Well, I’ve set out some youngsters to the ramen store in front of the store as you requested. Everyday they’ll eat over there and if they hear plates crashing they’ll jeer at the shop owner. What’s the meaning behind this anyways? Is your lover working in that store or something? You’re asking me to punish the store owner that’s been bullying your lover or something?”
Keisuke: “You don’t need to know.”

Feeling the threatening atmosphere, Angelica firmly held onto my arm.
I’ve told her to keep quiet and do what I tell her to do.
Bear witness, then scorn me, and be disappointed.

Keisuke: “Gondou, I need an identification papers for this girl. She illegally immigrated.”
Gondou: “You’re not that hard of a person are you? Your eyes look like a murderer’s though.”

Gondou said that while stroking his little finger. It was a finger that he lost until yesterday.

When I healed his right arm back yesterday, I unintentionally regenerated back some other parts.
The moment the finger that’s been cut years ago grew back, he silently stared in shock.

Keisuke: “Make her a Western passport that fits her appearance. But don’t kill anyone.”
Gondou: “You’re unreasonable, you know that? Someone who looks like her would be a very beautiful lady you know? You think there’s gonna be anyone like that who are so despearte for money they’ll sell their passport? They’ll probably sell their body for cash first. I’m telling you there won’t be anyone who’s gonna sell their social status like that. It’s not gonna be possible. No way. There are things even the Yakuza can’t do.”

I guess it’s impossible if I don’t compromise a bit more.

Keisuke: “Whatever white lady’s ID is fine. Do something about it. Forge it of you must.”
Gondou: “It’s not like you can’t pose as a Russian brat. That state’s countryside is pretty poor. They’ll probably sell stuff they weren’t supposed to sell. Like their own documents for example.”
Keisuke: “That’s fine. This kid looks a bit Slavic too.”
Gondou: “But mister Nakamoto, can you give us a bit more for this? This job is a major pain in the ass you know? On top of that we’re working for the guy who whooped our asses yesterday. Working for free is a bit…ya’ know.”

He said that while showing me his creepy smile. It has a different nature than the creepy smile from yesterday.
This smile of his will convince me that he’s actually a leader of a crime syndicate.

Keisuke: “What, what do you want split in half?”
Gondou: “Oi oi, that’s dangerous. Rather than muscles, you get work quickly aren’t you?”

He lifts both his arms and his lips curved.

Gondou: “How about it, Mister? Do you feel like working as our hitman specialist? I want you, ya’ see. This is the condition for your request.”
Keisuke: “You’re scouting me, huh?”
Gondou: “With you around our family is invincible. If we can become partners we’ll accept your requests with open arms. We were utterly smashed by you but we can strike a deal.”

There’s the part time work at the ramen store and now the Yakuza’s martial constituents.
My income might rise.

Keisuke: “I can’t do that.”
Gondou: “Hoo,”

Someone’s trying to use my fighting power. I’ve thoroughly experienced that during my days as a hero.
It’s not worth it. Besides, I won’t stand being a co-worker of these fools.

Keisuke: “Shut up and do what I say, and do it unconditionally. I won’t be one of your troops.”
Gondou: “Negotiation fails, huh?”

Gondou held his hands together behind his head and bent his chest.

Gondou: “If you wanna kill me then kill me. Then you won’t get your hands on that ID, and it’s over. A short temper is a disadvantage, mister.”
Keisuke: “I’ll revive you before you die and I’ll kill you again. Do you think you can handle that cycle?”
Gondou: “I won’t know until I get there.”

Even after his disgusting giggles are gone, he still had that strange edge.
With him in the current situation, he will really stick it out until the last bit if I am to torture him.

Keisuke: “…can’t help it then. I didn’t really want to use this method though.”
Gondou: “Oh? Are you doing it? Alrighty then, do it as much as you want. Cut my fingers or carve my back, I won’t even let out a scream you know. I’d better off dying rather than working for you. Don’t underestimate Gondou’s pride.”

I pulled out my smartphone from my pocket and shut my eyes.
Sorry. I’ll have to be a demon.
At this moment I stopped being a hero, or rather I even stopped being a human.
For Angelica, I’ll tread the path of a fiend.

Keisuke: “Look at this, Gondou.”
Gondou: “Huh?”
Keisuke: “You can take your time and look at it.”

I opened the SNS application and showed the screen to Gondou.

Gondou: “T-This is…!”

Sorry, Rio. I’m using your goodwill in the worst way possible.
I’m using the risque selfies you kept sending me this morning as a negotiation material…

Gondou: “Don’t fuck with me! As I thought you’ve laid your hands on Rio haven’t you!? She covered her eyes with her bra and thighs peeking out…this is full of selfies that just spells arrest isn’t this!?”
Keisuke: “She’s the one sending me these, so I can’t do anything about it.”
Gondou: “…No matter how much I like high school girls…the straight black-haired JK is already embracing another man and showing herself acting like a female molester. I can only feel some NTR shit is going on. Do you think you can move the Yakuza with this…perverted picture of a restless looking 16-year-old Saitou Rio with 165 cm height and about B~C cup in a public toilet looking like she’s saying she loves oji-san!? Thank you very much!”

Gondou returned the phone to me and said “Leave the matter of the passport to me!” and energetically nodded.

Gondou: “I have a heart as well. Doing this for a girl that illegally immigrated won’t be that bad anyways. By the way, how old is the foreigner?”
Keisuke: “Sixteen.”
Gondou: “Isn’t she a JK then? So you’re even keeping two JKs with you. One is a foreign girl even, you’re unbelievable. You’re a hardened criminal, I tell you.”

At that time,

—Don’t badmouth dad.

Angelica silently said in a murmur.
I’ve told her to keep it quiet, but it seemed like she unintentionally leaked that out.
The girl herself also showed a face that says “oh crap”.

Gondou: “She’s really attached to you isn’t she? Ojou-chan, do you like mister Nakamoto?”

Gondou asked Angelica with an unbearable joy in his voice.
Angelica looked at me with a face that asked “can I answer?”
I lightly nodded. If it’s just this much, I don’t really mind.

Angelica: “…I do.”
Gondou: “Is that so, is that so. That’s great for you then. By the way, jou-chan, who are you to the mister? A lover? Are you working in the ramen store?”
Angelica: “I’m dad’s wife.”

To Angelica’s reply, Gondou slipped off from his sofa with a rattle.

Gondou: “On top of being a foreign JK daughter-in-law you even made her your de facto wife? Unbelievable. You’re truly the god of sex crimes.”

On the face of Gondou’s respectful gaze, I asked him in return.

Keisuke: “You’re really having a different atmosphere than yesterday, huh. Is this your real self?”
Gondou: “…you’re saying that too? Did I really get stranger?”

I don’t really remember, Gondou said, tilting his head.

Gondou: “I can’t remember the past few days well. I don’t know what it is. Someone spiked me maybe? I mean, Lots a’ people hated my guts and all.”
Keisuke: “Rio said at some point you changed as a person after seeing a ghost. Is that true?”
Gondou: “…you even heard those sorts of things. It’s true though. After seeing a white floaty thing in Rio’s house my head turned dizzy. After that I don’t really remember. I lost my memory for ’bout 5 days. When I came to it you came in this room, and that was yesterday.”

You remembered me attacking you, right? I asked.

Gondou: “Duh? I felt like I was half dreaming though.”
Keisuke: “…got it. Then you felt like your self came back, right?”
Gondou: “Don’t realize most of ’em though. Is that why? I don’t really feel that I argued with you. I know it happened. I feel like something’s struggling with my body while I was looking at it from far away. Well, not from far away actually. It’s from the inside. Is this the split personality thing? A split personality Yakuza, huh. This is a bummer. How am I supposed to be popular with the high school girls then.”

Not my problem. That’s the impression I’m getting.
That’s why he’s talking about it so openly.
He fought me with his own intention, and if he was beaten, it wouldn’t have been like this. He would have more hostility towards me.

He might have been another victim of the evil spirit.
He was immoral, but he was still controlled.

Keisuke: “Lastly can I ask one more thing?”
Gondou: “What is it? You got more questions?”
Keisuke: “If you really like high schoolers then why’d you go out with Rio’s mother? Can you even still normally go out with a woman your age?”

Aah, that’s true, Gondou said as if it’s not a problem.

Gondou: “That’s because it’s the first step to take before I can feast on Rio ya’ see. Get the position of a kind, reliable parent and glomp her after that. But looks like when my head was messed up I approached her violently so that’s a failure.”
Keisuke: “…I was wrong to have sympathized with you.”
Gondou: “Cool it. I got no interest in Rio no more. She’s gotten that dirty right? I’ve no interest other than a virgin high school girls. Maybe I should look for the next cutie.”

This man is better off dead.
Angelica and I exited the office feeling exhausted.


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I’m sorry.

Anyways. Out of the three webnovels I’m translating, I gotta say this is the most frustrating for me to TL, from how Keisuke thinks, deal with things, and the extremely unconventional Japanese he and the other character uses (i.e. Gondou’s gangster Japanese that not even Google Translate nor Jisho can understand).

On the plus side, I (we) can learn some idioms. One of them is this:
外堀を埋める (sotobori wo umeru) which literally means “to fill the outer moat”. The origins say something like “to storm a castle you must first fill the outer moat (to cross it)”, so basically it’s a first step to accomplish something (which in this case, Gondou going out with Rio’s mum).

Anyways, seing how Keisuke is readily selling Rio away, I’m not surprised if some of you would even drop this, so uh…yeah. If you decide to, thanks for having me. (I’ll still continue this don’t worry)

Speaking of continuing, after translating Apricot, I felt that doing this is a breeze in comparison, so I might be releasing this twice a week.

Anyways, that’s it.

Wait, ay AYY AYYY!!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter, well I won’t deny that I am dissapointed in how the author handled the negotations, but so far I don’t plan to drop it yet. there seems to be an small error in the last dialogue, when was the turn of Goudou to talk, you put Keisuke there.


  2. I dont think it’s an issue how he handled it. After all he only showed her photos to him plus he started off with wanting to show a bad image to ange so she will hopefully lose interest in him.


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