Angelica – Chapter 17

A word from the translator:

Greetings and welcome, this is Astherfeld Cryomorph who would continue translating this novel series after our friend from Shujinkou Translations from now on. The chapters will be mentioned under Angelica, since it has become the site standard. Don’t look at me, I’m not the one in charge.

Just like I mentioned in my early TL note for the other series Astrid, I have some important announcements but I’ll keep it short since I understand you are here for the chapter and not for me.

While I can’t promise a timely update, I will definitely promise to update this novel once a week. There might be more, but there will never be less; I don’t make a promise that I can’t make.

Also, I promise that this will be the last TL note in this series that I post before the chapter. From the next chapter onwards, if I have a note or comment or whatever, I will post them after the chapter so you can choose whether you want to read it or not, since again, I know you’re not here for my rambling.

With that said, enjoy your stay, enjoy the chapter, and I wish you and everyone you love a blessed day.

Astherfeld Cryomorph

Main Page (TOC)

Suspect Nakamoto


Still though, with all this noise that we’re making I’m surprised the next-door neighbor hasn’t voiced any complaints. The voices ringing out are that an middle-aged man and a young girl no less, wouldn’t that be concerning?

I sit down on the bed while thinking that if it were me, I’d probably start banging on the wall or something.

I place the paper bag down on the floor, and a rustling sound can be heard as I bring out the contents of the bag.

Keisuke: “I brought some souvenirs.”
Angelica: “Wow! Souvenirs! This is love right? Love! This is because you love me, right?!”
Keisuke: “That’s right, this is certainly love. Familial love, that is.”

I handed over the clothing articles that were still wrapped to the hands of Angelica who disagrees while saying whatever sort of love it is, there is hope for romance~!

Angelica: “I see it’s western-style clothes. Can I try them on now?”
Keisuke: “Yeah, that’s fine, but don’t strip here. I get it, it’s my bad. Okay, I’m gonna head to the toilet so use that time to change.”

I’m of the opinion that having a girl undress in front of you is not so different from being held at gunpoint. Most men in the world would have no choice but to throw their hands up in resignation and do as they are told.

As I entered the bathroom, I sat on the toilet seat and turned on my phone. I did some business and logged in for the daily bonus from the social game I played.

I don’t know how long does it take to change, but it shouldn’t take that long, so I couldn’t do a regular session.

…I want play it soon. I think I’m getting addicted.

As I was thinking about the idols, a white window popped up on the screen.

[You have a new message]
was written on the screen.

Ah, that’s right, it’s the SNS app that Rio begged me to install. Rio used this app, and she wanted me to get this so she can contact me any time.

What is she planning to talk to me about?
I tapped the screen and it let out a Chon! sound.

Rio: [Thank you for today. Leo would also like to have your contact information as well, can I tell him? He said he’d like to be your underling.]

Oh, that’s it? I don’t mind, I replied.

I’m even revered as an aniki. Whatever, I think I just gained an underling.

Rio: [Also, here, a gift as a thanks for today]

A link was attached to the message…probably a link for a picture. Is it maybe some sort of a picture of a vow to rehabilitate where King Leo quickly dyed his hair black again at his house?

Thinking and feeling like a teacher who had changed a delinquent’s life around with his own hands, I tapped open the link.
What appeared was a photo.
But it’s a a photo full of danger.

Keisuke: “PPFFFT!?”

The linked picture was a selfie of Rio.
A photo of Saitou Rio (16) boldly exposing her chest with the buttons of her blazer taken off.
The collar of her Y-shirt is pulled by her index finger, emphasizing her cleavage.
Her white bra was peeking out, creating an unhealthy situation that can’t be ignored.

(Stop it! Are you trying to kill me socially?!)

Isn’t this bad if I’m found in possession of a production of child photography?
They’ll totally lock me up if they follow the message log.
If I’m caught with these charges then my parents will bawl.
I’ll be eliminated, you hear? Eliminated!

As I sent a reply saying This isn’t funny, stop it!, she replied [Looking for older boyfriend].
It might look like a scene from a Shoujo manga in your head, but it’s an opening scene of a crime documentary in my end!
Please give me a break.

As I was scuffling with my phone, Angelica’s lazy voice echoed from outside, saying “I’m done~”.

I got up with a wobble and headed out.
My body can fight against armed yakuzas, but right now I’m unbearably fatigued.

Angelica: “You have a good taste, father. Every single one of them are cute. I like them all.”

As I returned to the living room, Angelica was smiling ear-to-ear next to the bed.
When she saw me, she spread her arms and spun in a semicircle. It’s like she’s showing her brand new clothes to her boyfriend, “How is it? Does it suit me?”

She wore a grey parka as her top.
Her bottom is covered by a black skirt made of tight materials. It extends as far as her knees. I’m not knowledgeable about this, but I’m sure it’s fashionable.
Her legs are wrapped with jet-black tights since it seems that it’ll be cold around these times.

Angelica: “Ehehe. I didn’t expect you to even buy me underwear.”
Keisuke: “Yes, yes, it suits you very well. Very cute, very cute.”
Angelica: “Reallyy? The skirt is pretty short, so I think some bold things may happen though.”
Keisuke: “Hahaha. No matter how short a daughter’s skirt is, a father is a creature that won’t falter you know.”
Angelica: “I tried my best and wore while reading its instructions in the wrappings, but these socks are convenient, aren’t they. It’s thin but it’s very warm~”
Keisuke: “Right? My homeworld’s technological power is amazing.”

Angelica lightly lifted up her skirt, “My lower body is completely covered, so it’ll be fine if I spin around, right?” and said such, showing me glances of what’s underneath.

Keisuke: “Don’t do that outside, okay? Look, there’s also sweets in your souvenirs. Let’s eat it together.”

Angelica: “Hey, father,”
Keisuke: “What is it?”
Angelica: “Why are you still calm after all of my indecent appeals?”
Keisuke: “It’s because I’m an adult and I’m interested in people with the same age as me.”
Angelica: “Hmmm”

Angelica narrows her eyes and glared at me.

Angelica: “Somehow I feel like your eyes are saying [I’ve just seen something more amazing so this ain’t nothing] though. Is it just me, I wonder?”
Keisuke: “T-there’s no way that’s true.”

Angelica held her hands behind her and asked “Is that so~?” while slouching forward.
Keeping that pose, she circled the room, saying “So suspicious~”, sending sidelong glances as well.
It’s like she’s a detective cornering a perpetrator who’s playing dumb after finding evidence here and there.

Angelica: “I actually found it, you know?”
Keisuke: “…found what?”
Angelica: “After I rummaged the paper bag, I fou~nd this”

Angelica pulled out a strand of hair from her pocket.
A strand of long, black, straight, hair.
It certainly is an evidence that it comes from a pretty girl.
It’s none other than Rio’s hair. A strand of smooth, long straight hair. (TLN: he said this in English).

Angelica: “Father.”
Keisuke: “…yes.”
Angelica: “You got a girl to buy these clothes, right? For a middle-aged man, the choice suspiciously fits a girl’s too well.”
Keisuke: “You see…I’d be too embarrassed to buy a girls’ panties, and I wouldn’t know what would be good, right?”
Angelica: “Was she pretty?”
Keisuke: “Umm…not really…it’s the girl around here, you know?”
Angelica: “She resembles Elsa-san, didn’t she?”
Keisuke: “How’d you know?”

I totally got you now, she declared, I didn’t expect to hit bullseye but I did.

Angelica: “As I thought, father likes black-haired girls.”
Keisuke: “I’m telling you that’s not it! Why do you look like you’re about to cry!?”
Angelica: “Is she your girlfriend? She is, isn’t she? It’s been a year since you returned to this world, right? Of course you would have gotten a lover, right?”

I’ve been asked if I had a girlfriend twice in a day. This is definitely a first.
The only people who asked about my private life had been the police though.
Even though I wasn’t interested in anything other than the police questioning.
How do I even deal with situations like this?

Angelica: “…You’re free to do what you want, right? I’m not father’s lover or anything.”
Keisuke: “Well, yeah.”
Angelica: “I’m just one-sidedly saying that I love you, but father doesn’t think anything of me, right?”

Keisuke: “…it’s not like I don’t think anything of you…”

Really? Angelica asked as if she’s squeezing out her voice.

Angelica: “…you don’t think I’m to your interest, so you won’t do anything…isn’t that right?
“Keisuke: “You’re wrong. D-don’t cry. You really are charming, you know. That’s why I have to do my best trying to hold back my desire here. I think that girls your age are charming, but if I lay my hands on you, my guilt would be greater afterwards and I’ll hate myself. That’s why I’m not doing anything. Do you understand? Okay? This is my problem, and not Ange’s fault.”

I wonder what I’m blabbering excuses for.
An adult man, trying to suck up to a young girl in her teenage years. What a thing.
Even though he’s a hero as well. Even though he had the power to change the terrain.
He’s completely used in the matter of interpersonal relationships.

Angelica: “…do you really think I’m charming?”

Absolutely, I nodded strongly.
Angelica then gripped the hem of her clothes and sat on the bed.
She then continued and laid face-up.

Angelica: “…then, please do it.”

Do it? Do what?

Angelica: “…Today, what you did to the owner of that hair…please do to me what you did to that girl.”
Keisuke: “What did you say?”

Angelica closed her eyes tightly and exclaimed while she blushed up to her ears.

Angelica: “You did lots and lots of lewd things, didn’t you!? If that’s so, then please do it to me too! Then I will believe what you said!  I will believe that you think I am charming!”
Keisuke: “You…don’t act rashly!”
Angelica: “Right here! Right now! I will steal father away! From that black-haired woman!”

【Party Member, Sacred Maiden Angelica‘s Desire to Monopolize has risen to 600
Angelica‘s sexual arousal has reached 70%
【Requirements for consensual sexual actions met. Do you proceed?】
【If proceeded, there is a constant probability of conceiving】
【The child conceived would gain combined status pattern of both parents; some skills would be inherited, and equipment and item sharing is possible】
【Assignment of child’s class is also possible】
Angelica‘s sexual arousal has reached 71%
Angelica‘s sexual arousal has reached 72%
Angelica‘s sexual arousal has reached 73%

As always, this insensitive system message always asks me what I want to do with my life.
I closed the windows briskly as my temper rises.

Alright then, I’ll play along with your little game.

I sat next to Angelica and said “Don’t regret this”.

Keisuke: “I expect that you’ve resolved yourself, right? I will now do onto you what I did to that black-haired girl, Ange. Over, and over again. Are you sure this is what you want?”

Angelica silently shook her head vertically.

Keisuke: “It might hurt, you know?”
Angelica: “…I have steeled myself.”
Keisuke: “Alright,”

I said thus as I tapped her shoulder.

Keisuke: “Well then, tomorrow we’ll exterminate some ghosts.”
Angelica: “Eh?”
Keisuke: “You see, today, a girl named Rio asked me to help her save her kidnapped brother.”
Angelica: “…kidnapped?”
Keisuke: “Basically, it was an adventure to fight some villains. Ange wants to do the same thing, right? Tomorrow, you and I will find and exorcise bad ghosts, or something like that.”
Angelica: “I-I don’t believe that!”
Keisuke: “Then I’ll let you meet this girl, her brother, and the idiots that I beat up; everyone will testify for me! Come on, now! It’s Ghost Buster! Eat, sleep properly, and prepare yourself!”
Angelica: “Eeh~…”

While Angelica was crying no horror stuff~!, a part of her looked relieved.


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You might notice that I added underlines and italicized some terms in the system messages. I didn’t do it to emphasize lewdness. I tried making it look more game-like by highlighting status effects and possible actions. If you readers are against this, I will revert it back to regular texts, so let yourself be heard.

TL Fun(?) Facts corner!:

  1. The Japanese had some different definitions of clothing terminologies, one of them being Parka. While the general definition of a parka is a windproof jacket to withstand cold weather, パーカー (paa-kaa) would refer to what we regard as hoodies; a “sweatshirt with hood attached”, which I argue isn’t really made to withstand real cold weather and is a lot more casual and available for indoor-use than…you know, parka. The other difference is jerseys. A recent common definition would be a sports uniform, but in Japan it’s commonly used to refer to a tracksuit.
  2. When Angelica said she’ll “steal father away” she said “寝取る(Neto-ru)”, the same Neto(ru) from NTR. I know don’t nobody needs to know this but it’s a huehue moment for me so there it is.


I hope you enjoyed the chapter, and thanks for reading this part even though you don’t have to.

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