Mitsuha – Chapter 115 and Announcement

Greetings, First and foremost, I would like to thank all of you guys for reading my translation on Mitsuha and stay with my shitty translations (no, seriously, it's shitty). It was a nice journey as Mitsuha was my first translation and she introduced me into the translator world. Unfortunately, as you may already know, my … Continue reading Mitsuha – Chapter 115 and Announcement

Apricot – Chapter 23

Counterattack   The enemy's numbers still put them in an overwhelming disadvantage. Thinking normally, it wouldn't be easy for Flamm to go toe-to-toe with five Church Knights. However...oddly enough, she didn't feel like losing. Crash! The Prana she collected together formed an attack and struck the side of the plate armor. The force punched … Continue reading Apricot – Chapter 23

Rena – Interlude 1

《The Chief who has a Bald Spot and Laughed Uncontrollably》 "Ah"   Starting with a mutter that someone leaked, shrieks were let loose here and there. Everyone was validating their share of work while trying to simulate what will happen simultaneously...   "Until when will this girl stop decreasing her karma!?!"   “Ubwaa…………”   … Continue reading Rena – Interlude 1

Liselotte – Chapter 41

Extremely Small Fry "Because Kuon is a foreign object in that world, reincarnation is impossible.... However, because there's this 【Majikoi】 thing exists and this world is now connected to it through that, Kuon took on someone's body there and I guess he's trying to take Finne along with Eeva's soul into that world." "W-W-W-W-Wait … Continue reading Liselotte – Chapter 41

Rena – Chapter 29

《North Underground Passage 5》 Yuu: "This person is beyond saving..."   Along with his extremely impolite remarks, he--Yuu-san moved a step back. Let's see what got strengthened,...oh?   ================================== Name: 『Rena』 | Gender: 『Woman』 Race: 『Human』 | Level: 『40』 Condition: 『Possessed 《Kageyama-san》』 Granted 《STR Increase ・ Medium》 Granted 《VIT Increase ・ Medium》 Granted 《AGI Increase ・ Medium》 Granted … Continue reading Rena – Chapter 29